Why you should enter

The IABNZ Awards is a must-attend event on digital advertising calendar.

Our industry is continually evolving and growing. The IABNZ Awards ensures we recognise and celebrate excellence and the achievements of the very best companies and individuals in our industry.

Whilst receiving recognition in front of a 300 strong audience of industry peers is a great moment, winning an IABNZ Award is the pinnacle of 12 months hard work. Likewise the value of winning an award goes far beyond an acceptance speech and a trophy in the cabinet.

Winning entries are profiled as case-studies throughout the year by IABNZ, with winners listed on a stand-alone category page on the IABNZ Awards site for the following year to profile the success to partners and prospects.

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Industry recognition

  • Industry recognition – showcased alongside your peers as an innovator and performer

  • Valuable marketing advantage – evidence that you’ve been judged as one of the best within the industry

  • Celebrate your achievements – being nominated positively affects the individual or team involved

  • Support innovation within the industry – by showcasing best practice, innovation and performance

  • Benchmark your achievements – understand what you want to achieve and make it happen

  • Increase the power of your sales pitch – an award validates your selling points

Entry Criteria

Who Can Enter?

The awards are open to IABNZ Members –  Publishers (Media Companies), Agencies, Ad-Tech Suppliers and Advertisers. Entry may be made directly by the company or individual for the Award categories.

You may nominate yourself or you can be nominated by a colleague or client.


Submissions should relate to activity within New Zealand and the eligibility period of 1st January 2017 – 31st December 2017 by an IABNZ Member.

Nomination Process

All nominations must be submitted through this portal by 5.00pm Friday 29 June 2018. At IABNZ’s discretion, late entries may be accepted up to 5.00pm Friday 6 July 2018. All late entries will incur a $250.00+GST entry fee.

Nominations will be assessed by an independent panel of industry professionals.

The judging panel will assess each entry according to the criteria, taking into account all information provided. The judging panel will then select finalists and winners for each category. The entry fee per category is $150.00 +GST and is non-refundable if received before 5.00pm Friday 29 June.

Note: there is no entry fee for nominations for the ‘Council Member of the Year’ and ‘Service to Industry’ awards.

Submit Nomination

Commercial Confidence

For your entry to be fully assessed it is extremely important that you provide as much detail about your performance as possible. In particular, figures relating to the ROI of your activity / campaign. Greater transparency with the judges will enable them to score you fairly.

All judges sign an NDA before participating and judges will not be involved in any categories where a commercial conflict could arise.